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Princess Party Boston

Princess Party Boston is New England's premier children's theme entertainment provider. With 10 years of experience behind us, we are continually refining our birthday party programs to bring your children and their guests the very best celebratory experience possible. As you explore the Princess Party Boston website, you will be impressed by the wonderful array of characters available. Our Pick-a-Princess page displays images of our beautiful, professional actresses in their top of line costumes. They not only look the part, but their charming and graceful personalities will delight the kids and leave them with a feeling of having been visited by true royalty. Childhood is a time for make-believe, and in choosing a Princess Party Boston, you will implement just such an event.

Princess Party Boston offers programs to suit your needs. Our dazzling princesses will come to your home or other party location ready and able to entertain the kids with an exciting repertoire of activities. After a warm meet and greet, with special attention directed toward the birthday girl, our actress sing for the little ones. A Princess Party Boston program goes on to offer a selection of fun filled games that invariably excite and thrill the kids. Skilled in balloon art and face painting, the princess works her magic in creating something for everyone. Naturally parents want to record the occasion with photos. Our Princess Party Boston actress will pose with the kids and inspire big smiles as Mom and Dad click away. Finally, as the festivities draw to a close, the princess will lead in the HAPPY BIRTHDAY cake ceremony, then, say her farewell.

The Princess Party Boston 1 ¼ hour long program is ideal for groups of up to 12 kids. In that time, the princess can conduct the five activities - party games, face painting, balloon art, photo session and birthday cake ceremony. For group over 12, but less than 20, parents must choose between face painting or balloon art should they opt for 1 ¼ hour program. A 2 hour program can accommodate up to 20 girls and boys with all five activities being offered. Princess Party Boston can always adjust a specific program to meet the needs of larger events. More than one character can be booked as well.

Princess Party Boston offers exciting programs for the boys. Whether a pirate, super hero or iconic movie character, the actors do a fantastic job in leading the kids in party activities related to your chosen theme. Check out the photo gallery on the boy's page to view the selection and learn more about the Princess Party Boston programs.

Our Princess Party Boston office hours are 10 am - 4 pm Monday - Friday. Call for rates and reservations today!